What are the disadvantages of managed hosting?

Published: 09th February 2011
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Managed hosting is known as the best form of web hosting available in the market. In fact it is regarded as ideal for big companies who have huge websites, as they do not have to bother about the management of the server and its technical problems.
Although you would get lots of advantages if you choose managed hosting as your web hosting service provider still there are various disadvantages of managed hosting also for which they have not become so much popular. These disadvantages are:

You would find that managed hosting is always extremely pricy and this can act as an impediment for your business development. For the service of the support as well as the hosting charges you need to give always extra money and also sometimes pay more because some companies can charge you for the software and the applications you want.

The second disadvantage of managed hosting is the time that a managed hosting server takes for deployment. Since you have nothing to do in this process as the web hosting company would take care of it, you only have to suffer from this problem.
Another disadvantage of managed hosting is that you would never get anything as cheap managed hosting. Even if you get a cheap managed hosting service provider, then there must be some problems associated with it. Also you cannot see your server and therefore even you would not be aware of where your server is located.
Another limitation of managed web hosting is that here you would not have any control over the server. This is what makes many website owners unhappy. The right to operate the server is solely upon the web hosting service provider company. Though they would install the software that you request them to install for the smooth operation of your website yet you would not get them on the time you need them. This is because they will only install the software during deployment.

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